Seismic Anchorage of Equipment

Over the years, the materials, types and systems used for anchorage application have been evolving. WIN engineers offer the necessary expertise for various anchorage application of heavy to sensitive equipment including NPP, military and standards application using current code provisions and industry standard anchorage systems.

anchorage of equipment

PROJECT: Seismic Anchorage of Electrical Conduits and Oxygen Pipes, Madera, CA

WIN Structural was retained to perform the layout and the anchorage design of high voltage electrical conduits and duct pipes around the glass furnace structure of the industrial plant in Madera, CA. The layout was accomplished in a very confined space and had to be on multiple vertical levels using a modified UNISTRUT system with fiber rods to avoid connectivity with the electrical conduits, per code requirements. Also, WIN engineers designed the anchorage layout of the 10 inch Oxygen pipe that feeds the furnace. Anchorage and attachments were designed to run along the outside of the existing steel building and performed to sustain seismic forces with lateral bracing. Modifications to the existing building trusses that support the anchorage supports of the Oxygen line were done as necessary, as part of the design.

Seismic Anchorage of Equipment

PROJECT: Heavy Industrial Equipment Anchorage, Gillibrand Plant, Simi Valley, CA

WIN Structural has worked on the design layout of the anchorage of the pre-fabricated steel control building and the vibrating cyclone structure and the heavy press machines. Designed the concrete pedestals and the anchorage means and methods. WIN engineers also designed the anchorage to the large steel water tanks atop of existing and of new foundation pads using ACI 318-Appendix D standards and specialized software.

Seismic Anchorage of Equipment

Heavy Industrial Equipment Anchorage, Gillibrand Plant, Simi Valley, CA

PROJECT: Enclosure Shell Design for Industrial Buildings, Madera, CA

WIN Structural engineers designed the anchorage and structural supporting system to carry the light gage corrugate metal sheets enclosure around the perimeter of the 120ft high batch tower. The enclosure supporting system was designed to stand high wind (120mph) and seismic loads. The design included; additional column supports and lateral purlins with tie rods to support the corrugated shell sheets along the 30ft long spans, all across the building.