Peer Reviews

WIN Structural has knowledge of many structural engineering analytical tools, as well as knowledge of construction types. This wide spectrum of knowledge, combined with seismic expertise provided our team with unique capabilities in serving our clients and conducting PEER reviews for large complex project and Nuclear design certification DCD work.

Peer Reviews

PROJECT: Golden Gate Bridge Design PEER Review, San Francisco, CA

WIN performed seismic review and independent analysis using ADINA structures software for modeling the main towers and supporting cable. The work consisted of modeling the concrete pier supporting structures and the deck supporting steel system and trusses and using FEM. As part of the independent review was the development of parametric studies for the new retrofit scheme in order to evaluate the prime consultant alternatives for the seismic retrofit design of the iconic bridge. This work has been done on behalf of the GGB district.

NPP PEER REVIEW of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Inc. (MHI) US APWR Standard Nuclear Plant

PROJECT: NPP PEER REVIEW of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Inc. (MHI) US APWR Standard Nuclear Plant

As a subcontractor to URS Corporation, WIN conducted independent seismic analysis PEER review of the Category-I Reactor Building Complex. Developed equivalent beam stick models capturing the dynamic response of the PCCV and the CIS structures. The work is performed using both SASSI and ANSYS software. Supported MHI in PEER reviewing DCD. The Category-II Auxiliary Building was also PEER reviewed and an independent stick model was developed for comparison to FEM developed by SASSI.

Developed multiple LMSM for the RB building complex (structure + mechanical reactor coolant components) using ANSYS and validated the model against SASSI and ANSYS FEM codes.

The work included review of the RAI response to NRC comments by MHI team including the safety and technical review supporting MHI application. Organized review reports by multiple teams in form of excel reports for tracking and reviewing purposes due to the overwhelming data.

Rincon Tower

PROJECT: Rincon Tower PEER Review, San Francisco, CA

WIN STRUCTURAL Consulting was working among the PEER reviewers team conducting independent modeling of the high rise 64 story steel/concrete structure in San Francisco. WIN developed independent simplified dynamic stick model to capture the primary dynamic characteristics of the tower and check prime consultant design seismic base shear forces. Along with the lead reviewers, we contributed to the study of mass damper and its effect to reduce drifts, as well as, PEER reviewed the massive 14ft R.C. foundation design and structure detailing plans. As PEER review team we also contributed to design making decisions for the K- lateral braces at the elevated floor reducing drift. The PEER review team reviewed this high rise structure as one of the first to implement the performance based design approach before any code guidelines being published at that time.


PROJECT: West Dublin Station Pedestrian Bridge Investigation– BART, Dublin, California

WIN Structural team investigated the design and construction defects of the bridge systems and prepared a detailed report of the issues. The investigation was based on research material and published literature due to lack of AISC and code design guidelines of the complex bridge connections Work included seismic 3-D modeling of the bridge and an evaluation of the connection forces and buckling of the 3D box steel portal frame system members made of Virendeel trusses.