Building Design and Retrofit

WIN Structural has expertise in new building design and retrofit and evaluation of existing buildings of various types. WIN engineers have also been involved in many residential, commercial and industrial projects given the extensive seismic expertise.

Coptic Youth Center

PROJECT: Coptic Youth Center (CYC), Hayward, CA

CYC is a mixed use 2-Story building with multipurpose hall used for gymnastics, basketball court and conventions. The building is having one story basement below grade. The building serves also as Sunday school classes for the church activities.

WIN structural Consulting team performed conceptual and design development (SD, CD and DD) produced structural drawings for the new 14,000 sf. Gymnasium and social hall. The project consists of steel high bay moment frame system supported on the basement walls. The roof consisted of long span trusses; spanning between the moment frames and supporting the wood roof purlins and rafters in a composite construction.

The project total cost was about $4 Million. Location of the project is Hayward, CA.

Building Design

PROJECT: Two-Story Steel Building (With Heavy Composite Floor Infill), Madera, CA

WIN Structural Consulting team worked on the design built project of 2 new steel buildings inside “Saint Gobain” glass factory campus, Madera, CA. The existing industrial facility campus consisted of many building with 3 added buildings expansion to increase the production volume. The work included the structural layout of 2 new building floor infill inside of the operating factory. The buildings are 2 stories supported on combined footings and hosting heavy transformer loading and floors designed to carry 400psf machinery loading and allowing forklifts traffic on them.

The project total cost is about $24 Million. The project was PEER reviewed by a third party and permitted and erected within 1 year on a fast track schedule. The project was accomplished while the whole campus was operable and without hindering the production line.

AUTOCAD 3-D/ RIVET was used to sort conflicts and to verify constructability of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural.


PROJECT: Steel Tanks and Foundations, TPH, Simi Valley, CA

The project is an addition to the P.W. Gillibrand Industrial Plant in Simi Valley, California.

The plant is an upgrade of the water recycling facility and fines recovery system at the existing site to using the 100% recyclable water eliminating any waste.

The planning, permitting and seismic design of the new plant was carried by the team including close coordination with mechanical, environmental and electrical engineering teams.

The scope of work included:

  • Concrete mat foundations design for 70ft diameter tanks, equipment and components.
  • Design of industrial Slab-on-grade with forklift loading for access to the new buildings.
  • Elevated and ground mounted steel tanks design and elevated bridges pedestrian access using AWWA D105, AISC and ACI standards.
  • Tanks and Cyclones structural framing design for vibration.
  • Design of steel Butler building and anchorage of supporting elements for conveyors, heavy press machines, pumps and pipes.
  • Full services during construction (C.A.)

Building Design

PROJECT: Deep Foundation System Design, Madera, CA

Buildings foundation system design including combined strip footing, isolated footing and deep foundation supported on piles. The batch tower, with extremely heavy loading built next to an existing building on soft sandy-clay soil, was supported on mat foundation and steel piles HP 12×53. The piles were 50ft deep, driven with the top 15ft pre-bored then, backfilled with dense sand avoiding vibration effects from the driving hammer machine onto the existing concrete 20ft high basement walls or any effects on other surrounding buildings housing operable equipment.

Building Design


WIN Structural Consulting drafting department developed all the structural layout and detailing plans, reviewed shop and fabrication drawings for the design-built project. The drafting technicians with REVIT and AUTOCAD 3-D experience developed 3-D structural drawings including mechanical systems to help ensure constructability and avoid interference of all structural and lateral building systems with mechanical and electrical systems.

shwall wood building design

PROJECT: Residential Wood Design, Redwood City, CA

WIN structural consulting group worked on the residential addition of the medical offices on Birch Street in Redwood City, CA. The project consisted of new foundations and the addition of strong shear walls on raised floors, tying the two portions of the buildings together and having the capacity to sustain a 2-story addition in the future. The addition included the designof GLB to support the long span roof of the new training center and conference hall for medical student next to the existing office building.

WIN structural consulting group participated in the selection of the contractor and negotiation of the bid, permitting support, as well as full C.A. services for the project.

Building Design

PROJECT: Steel Batch Tower, Madera, CA

WIN Structural Consulting team worked on the seismic design of steel Batch tower in Madera, CA hosting heavy equipment, floors designed for 400psf L.L , heavy sylos (50 tons) and having double and triple the standard floor heights to allow different batch system mechanical design layouts within the building. The tower is slender having plan dimensions of 60x30ft and 120ft high; equivalent to 10 story steel building. The work included the design of the foundations which were at a close proximity to an existing building basement wall. The foundation system is a 3ft pile cap with steel HP piles pre-bored then driven steel pile to minimize impact on surrounding structures and basement walls.

AUTOCAD 3-D was used to sort conflicts and verify constructability of Mechanical, Electrical and Structural.

Additional Buildings Design Services

  • Steel and Concrete Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Residential design
  • Foundations design