• featured project - storage tank

    Slurry Handling Industrial Plant

    Seismic Design of the plant based on performance including design of various steel tanks (ground and elevated) and their lateral brace framing system. Anchorage of various tanks and heavy equipment Permitting with Ventura County, including site planning and coordination with environmental agencies and team, system processing, and construction administration with full site supervision. For a […]

  • featured project - BART


    BART FRP consultants in the development of the columns seismic retrofit design concept using FRP. Probabilistic hazard assessment for BART Trans-bay tube and auxiliary structures, including multiple underground stations. Dynamic stability of BART train cars for assessment of the racking side sway movement during hazard seismic conditions. Developed FRP specifications and concrete repair criteria Designed […]

  • featured project - Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Super Span Culvert

    Investigation, Monitoring and Retrofit. Investigation of bridges wall movement and road cracks and adverse settlement effects The retaining walls retrofit Corrosion monitoring with advance equipment of the metal arch corrugated sheets Scour design of foundations at open bottom arch culvert where flow velocities increase Retrofit using Post-tension tie tendons under the road. For a list […]

  • featured project - Steel Tower

    Steel Batch Tower

    Steel Buildings Design and SLRS for complex loading and dynamic effects. Design of Seismic Lateral Resisting System for mid to low rise steel buildings Foundations design using deep steel HP piles REVIT and AUTOCAD 3-D Modeling. Project team management and client interface. Reviewing detailed shop and fabrication drawings. For a list of services and additional […]

  • featured project - Sutro

    Sutro Tower

    Communication Steel Tower Seismic and Wind upgrades Performed wind and seismic assessment of the tower. Applied wind tunnel dynamic loading on the FEM of the structure using advanced methods. Complex connections retrofit and analysis. Feasibility studies, cost estimation in order to meet the client needs and budget. Project team management and client interface. Project construction […]

  • Seismic Analysis and SSI of Nuclear Power Plant, DCD for Nuclear Power Plant, APR1400 REACTORS, UAE

    Seismic Hazard Analyses and SSI Calculations and Seismic Risk Quantification

      As a subcontractor to KEPCO-E&C Korea, WIN structural team conducted advanced seismic analyses of the Category-I Reactor Building Complex. Developed seismic dynamic finite element models for capturing the dynamic response of the PCCV, the CIS building structures. The work is docketed by NRC and under review. Both SASSI and ANSYS software were used for […]