As a subcontractor to KEPCO-E&C Korea, WIN structural team conducted advanced seismic analyses of the Category-I Reactor Building Complex. Developed seismic dynamic finite element models for capturing the dynamic response of the PCCV, the CIS building structures. The work is docketed by NRC and under review. Both SASSI and ANSYS software were used for the 3-D model development. Developed comparisons and sensitivity analysis between FEM coarse and fine meshes, as well as, conducted SASSI-SSI seismic analyses to predict the effect of surrounding buildings on the nuclear island building.

The Reactor Coolant Building (RCB) complex was model and validated using ANSYS. Prepared and originated calculations and reports to NRC licensing review. The work included the mechanical modeling of the reactor vessel and its coolant system in order to calculate the six components seismic forces on the reactor vessel, fuel rods and all its complex supports.

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