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A hard-working uprising consulting firm based in San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2009, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Involved in large scale industrial projects, bridges and engineering analyses. WIN offers expert witness for construction litigation support and arbitration studying design or construction defects for residential and industrial projects.​ We offer to our clients the full package from design, seismic engineering to analyses and from permitting to construction administration services.



To provide effective engineering solutions tailored specifically to the clients’ needs. WIN staff mobilizes diverse expertise needed for its project.

WIN vision is serving the engineering community with the State-of-the-Art solutions, commitment to excellence having all the projects delivered on schedule and within budget.



Dr. Wassim I Naguib, S.E.

Dr. Wassim I. Naguib, S.E.

Founder and Principal

Dr. Naguib worked as consultant to various public agencies such as BART, San Francisco Public Utility Committee (SFPUC), Simpson’s Strong Tie company, Cities of Orinda and Livermore. He also served many different private clients and contractors in design-build and in private projects. Our work extends in many US areas, as well as abroad such as, in the Middle- East and in Turkey. Dr. Naguib is licensed in many states and member of different engineering associations.

Dr. Naguib has been engaged in several large industrial design projects in high seismic zone in CA, in bridges projects in US and internationally.

Dr. Sameh Mehanna

Dr. Sameh S. Mehanny

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Mehanny is a graduate from Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. Mehanny is an expert in bridges and seismic design including dynamic application and analyses. He is specialized in international railway bridge design using pre-stressed concrete in highway and railway bridges applications using AASHTO LRFD and AASHTO LRFR and Eurocodes.

Bridges types engineered by Dr. Mehanny are pedestrian bridges, highway bridges, railway bridges carrying both normal speed and high speed rails as well as automated people movers (APM).


Sama Melek

Chief Financial Officer
Ms Melek is CFO of WIN Structural Consulting Group since 2011. She is a CFA charter in San Francisco and has long experience as financial analyst, feasibility studies, as well as budgeting. Her vision helped the growth of WIN over the past 3 years.


LBE San Francisco

WIN Structural Consulting Group is a certified San Francisco Local Business Enterprise and also as a Micro LBE [Certification #CMD041817008].
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SB/SBE California

WIN Structural Consulting Group is a certified Small Business Enterprise with the State of California [Supplier #1747852].
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LBABE Port of Oakland

WIN Structural Consulting Group is a certified Port of Oakland Local Business Area Business Enterprise [Certification #4740-15].
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