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  • Seismic Analysis and SSI of Nuclear Power Plant, DCD for Nuclear Power Plant, APR1400 REACTORS, UAE
    Seismic Hazard Analyses and SSI Calculations and Seismic Risk Quantification
  • featured project - Sutro
    Sutro Tower
  • featured project - Steel Tower
    Steel Batch Tower
  • featured project - Blackhawk
    Blackhawk Super Span Culvert
  • featured project - BART

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Design for Buildings, Bridges and Nuclear Structures


As a certified SBE Small Business Engineering company under Department of General Services (DGS). LBE certified in the City of San Francisco that supported the design and design-built industry for various projects in California, Nevada and Hawaii. View Certifications

Our Engineers have sufficient knowledge and expertise in seismic design and analyses of multiple complex structural buildings and bridges projects, accumulating a combined 50 years of experience.


We collaboratively worked on many projects in the Bay Area in CA, the US as well as internationally

  • Industrial Plants Structural Design
  • High Speed Rail (HSR) Peer review
  • Support in seismic design of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)
  • Highway and Pedestrian Bridges and Post-tensioned structures
  • Residential Mid and Low rise buildings


WIN have worked with variety of clients from public agencies, public utility companies, contractors, served as on-call for Cities and private agencies.

WIN team of engineers has diligently accomplished projects included complex structural design and analyses for all types of buildings and bridges.


Effective team work on design-build projects related to multi-million bridge consultation and design projects.

WIN Consulting Group has talented young and experienced engineers. WIN group with their dedicated services, high-end engineering knowledge provided – in a timely fashion- quality design and added value to my project.

It has been great collaboration between us at TAV and WIN structural group. We look Forward for more complex and challenging innovative projects to work on together

Our Clients

  • Orinda
  • Carbon Wrap Solutions
  • Simpson Strong-Tie
  • BART
  • Department of Energy
  • SunPower